3,6 V, vit, två tillbehör, handdammsugare
MiniVac Handdammsugare

MiniVac Handdammsugare

3, 6 V, Vit, 2 tillbehör FC6150/01 Find similar products

Tekniska specifikationer

  • Prestanda

    3,6  V
    16-18  timmar
    9–10  minuter
  • Design

  • Filtrering

    0,5  l
    Cykloniskt flöde i två steg
  • Munstycken och tillbehör

    Medföljande tillbehör
    • Borste
    • Fogmunstycke
  • Hållbarhet

    > 90 % återvunnet material
    100 % återvunnet papper
  • Vikt och mått

    Produktens mått (L x B x H)
    444 x 133 x 109  mm
    Produktens vikt
    < 1  kg

Eco passport

Philips EcoVision program efforts have been recognized by membership to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. We have joined the United Nations Global Compact, listing 10 principles in the areas of human rights and environment. In our eco-design process we use Green Focal Areas to show the products environmental performance. Have a look to the following Green Focal Areas. Know more about our Green Story

  • Förpackning
    Packaging is a Philips Green Focal Area which consumers see immediately when buying a product, however its environmental impact is limited compared to the product's materials and energy consumption.

    • Kartong: 440,00  g
    • Plast: 15,00  g
    • Andel återvunnet material i procent: 90  %
  • Återvinning
    This Green Focal Area includes design for recycling and design for disassembly. Philips uses recycled plastics and other materials when technically and commercially possible in its products and promotes the recyclability of materials.

    • Återvunna järnhaltiga metaller: 0  %
    • Återvunna icke järnhaltiga metaller: 0  %
    • Återvunnen plast: 0  %
  • Ämnen
    This Green Focal Area aims to eliminate the use of substances of concern in our products and production processes. Prevention is better than cure and therefore alternative substances are explored as part of the EcoDesign process.

    • Kvicksilverfri: true
  • Vikt
    Weight is one of the Green Focal Areas that Philips considers in its EcoDesign process since reducing the amount of materials used, reduces the usage of natural resources, can increase shipping efficiency and brings benefits at the end-of-life.

    • Produktvikt: 630,00  g
    • Tillbehörets vikt: 5,00  g

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