Various milk systems
Verschiedene Milchsysteme

Various milk systems

Various milk systems are available on Philips super-automatic espresso machines:

With the classic milk frother (panarello), you froth the milk manually by holding the frothing nozzle in the milk. The automatic milk frother pulls the milk through a hose directly from the milk container (e.g. milk carton or included milk container) and froths it automatically.

The built-in milk jug automatically froths the milk and allows you to store it hygienically in the fridge. The LatteGo milk system offers maximum convenience. It consists of only two parts and no hoses, meaning that can be thoroughly cleaned in seconds. Enjoying coffee has never been easier.

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The world of coffee, just as you…

Coffee variety, according to your taste


With Phillips fully automatic coffee machines you can prepare the coffee you want at any time. Depending on the model, you can easily adjust the coffee strength, quantity, milk length, temperature and degree of grinding individually. Enjoy your very own coffee moment at any time - prepared from freshly ground beans and fresh milk.

AquaClean water filter

AquaClean water filter


The patented AquaClean water filter ensures hygienic, clear water - without impurities. This eliminates the need to descale the fully automatic coffee machine for up to 5,000 cups*. On the other hand, the filtered water also achieves the best coffee quality. 

*With 8 filter changes. Change interval depends on beverage selection and number of rinsing and cleaning processes.

100% ceramic burr grinder
Langanhaltende Leistung des Mahlwerks

Grinder made of 100% ceramic


In contrast to commercially available fully automatic c machines with stainless steel grinders, all Saeco fully automatic coffee machines use durable disc grinders made of 100% ceramic, with which the grinding degree can be individually adjusted for maximum aroma.

This allows you to enjoy up to 20,000 cups of constant coffee taste and is particularly gentle on your preferred coffee bean. Fine coffee powder enables a strong espresso, while coarser coffee powder is used to prepare an aromatic coffee. Depending on the model, up to 12 different grinds are available.

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Hygienic thanks to removable…
Herausnehmbarer Brühgruppe

Visible hygiene thanks to removable brewing unit


The brewing group is the heart of every fully automatic coffee machine and should be cleaned regularly. The completely removable brewing group gives you easy access to the inside of the machine and easy cleaning by rinsing under running water.