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Acute unscheduled care in seven developed nations

Philips has sponsored an in-depth assessment of acute unscheduled care, the demands on acute care providers, and use of the emergency department across 7 countries. This research paper explores the similarities and differences in the factors leading to acute unscheduled care demands, care decision making, and care delivery in the ED and beyond.


Collaborating to enable and deliver healthcare transformation

Healthcare is changing at unprecedented levels with the transition to value-based healthcare, healthcare institutions needing to integrate solutions, and individuals taking charge of their personal health journey.


Philips is uniquely positioned to help transform care delivery. Our rich history of innovation provides us with unique approaches to problem-solving:


  • We look holistically at the challenges of care delivery, leveraging stakeholder insights and detailed data analysis.
  • We apply design-thinking with clinical expertise, performance improvement, and technology (when appropriate) to deliver innovative solutions.
  • We use our co-create methodology to view challenges from multiple perspectives and collectively drive innovation and problem-solving.
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Improving population health through care management redesign. Read more

Driving meaningful and sustainable results


Through innovative, collaborative, and patient-focused engagements, we have helped clients to:

  • Increase operational and clinical efficiency
  • Improve financial performance
  • Create an innovative environment for market differentiation

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Performance Improvements

Performance improvement

Improving performance through operational excellence
Experience solutions

Experience solutions  

Solutions to improve the patient and staff experience
Clinical Services

Clinical services

Providing an integrated approach to care management

Perspectives in healthcare transformation

Meeting the unique needs of our customers

  • Improving the psychatric care environment

    Customer Story

    Improving the psychatric care environment

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  • Strategic and clinical support to develop a turnkey healthcare solution

    Customer story

    Strategic and clinical support to develop a turnkey healthcare solution

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  • Driving performance improvement for ultrasound services

    Customer story

    Driving performance improvement for ultrasound services

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  • Patient satisfaction improved with environment design

    Customer story

    Patient satisfaction improved with environment design

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healthcare ecosystem

Innovating a new healthcare ecosystem

Announcing the launch of HealthSuite Labs, our first digital co-innovation lab, designed to support the evolution to new models for connected health enabled by digital technologies. The center provides an environment to spur innovation and supports the transformation towards connected and value-based, patient-centered care.


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