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Current Philips Radiation Oncology Solutions workflows are often fragmented, labor-intensive and timeconsuming. Our Solutions integrate workflows across imaging, planning and treatment so you can standardize best practices and enhance patient care. Intelligent automation helps improve consistency and reduce time spent on labor-intensive tasks, while shortening time to treatment.

iPatient for CT Big Bore

Streamlines acquisition set-up through a standardized approach to imaging simulation:

  • Consistent image quality from scan to scan through dedicated oncology exam cards.
  • Simple user interface to manage image quality, dose, and speed of acquisition.
  • Less interaction at the scanner console, so you can focus on positioning the patient.

Pinnacle3 Auto-Planning

Simple and fast Auto-Planning improves the quality, consistency and efficiency of the treatment planning process:

  • Streamlined, consistent, and efficient workflows between planners and physicians of all experience levels.
  • Plans with less exposure to healthy tissue, leading to fewer toxicities, lowering costs for the facility to improve patient post-treatment quality of life.

MR-only simulation

Single-modality approach that simplifies workflows and eliminates the need for CT-MR registration:

  • Fast scanning protocols provide CT-like density information and high-contrast anatomical images right on the MR console.
  • Planning starts immediately after the MR-simulation scan.

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