Jan 17, 2023 by Philips

Discover how Mermaid Beach has shortened exam times and improved image quality in MR by using SmartSpeed powered by AI

Philips SmartSpeed Testimonial l Achieve productivity and confidence

Take resolution to a new level across all MR applications with faster protocols


Mermaid Beach Radiology values accuracy in medical care and patient satisfaction. To provide the best service, they partner with Philips to use the latest innovations. To improve speed and quality in MR imaging they implemented the award-winning acceleration technique Philips SmartSpeed.


The biggest change Mermaid Beach Radiology in Australia has seen over time in MR imaging is alleviating the trade‐off between speed and image quality.


MRI has always been wonderful at showing high detail contrast, but acquisition time has often been the challenge. Now with SmartSpeed, what we thought normal for speed versus quality is changing to a whole new level.”

Ben Kennedy

Director of Clinical and Research MRI, Mermaid Beach Radiology, Australia


Mermaid Beach has been able to shorten their exam times and improve image quality. SmartSpeed also allows them to routinely insert sequences that took too long before, for an improvement in diagnostic confidence. In addition, staff experiences less stress.

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Mermaid Beach Radiology

Improved workflow and productivity with Philips MR SmartSpeed


Discover bringing image quality to a whole new level at Mermaid Beach Radiology from the perspective of Ben Kennedy, director of clinical and research MRI.


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