UltraFill Home oxygen system


Home oxygen system

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UltraFill is an advanced home oxygen system with a stationary oxygen concentrator, filling station, and high-capacity 3,000 PSI cylinders for mainstream and high-usage oxygen patients. Homecare providers can use it with existing inventory.

  • *When filling, 3 LPM of oxygen is available with a 5 liter concentrator (EverFlo and Milennium) and up to 7 LPM is available with a 10 liter concentrator (Milennium M10).
  • **For a complete listing of all UltraFill 2,000 and 3,000 PSI oxygen cylinders and specifications, consult the UltraFill user manual.
  • ***Duration utilizing the Chad Therapeutic Bonsai conserving device at a setting of 2, breath rate of 20 BPM. Conserving ratio of 4.5:1

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