CX50 Refurbished Ultrasound Machine

CX50 - DS

Refurbished Ultrasound Machine

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Now you don’t have to sacrifice performance for portability. Premium capabilities are integrated into the CX50 CompactXtreme ultrasound system for big system performance everywhere you need it.

PureWave everywhere

PureWave everywhere

PureWave technology represent the biggest breakthrough in piezoelectric transducer material in 40 years. The pure, uniform crystals of PureWave are 85% more efficient than conventional technology allows for improved penetration in technically difficult patients with a single transducer for excellent detailed resolution.
Expand diagnostic

Expand diagnostic information

The CX50 offers assessment and analysis capabilities with QLAB’s Q –Apps: GI 3D quantification (GI 3DQ), Region of interest (ROI), Intima Media Thickness evaluation (IMT), Cardia motion quantification with speckle tracking technology (CMQ), Strain quantification (SQ) and MicroVascular imaging (MVI).
Fine-tune exams

Fine-tune exams with active native data

The CX50 system stores active native acoustic data giving you the ability to adjust virtually all scanning parameters on single images, clips and stored 2D and Doppler data. Images can be readjusted during or after the exam, enhancing diagnostic details, allowing for short exam times.
Portable ultrasound

Portable ultrasound when fast action is needed

Getting diagnostic data from portable exams is complicated by many factors. Now you can have the image quality you need for diagnostic confidence wherever you need it. Take the CX50 to your patients- in the surgical suite, CCU, and ICU, at satellite clinics and screening events and in the ED and OR, and in the NICU or PICU. The CX50’s image quality makes it the ideal choice for your critically ill patients, where space and equipment limit access and quick responses are needed.
Digital broadband beamforming

Digital broadband beamforming on a compact

The CX50 combines the broadband capabilities of a digital beamformer with the broadband signals producer by PureWave transducers. Now even on a compact system, complete tissue signatures are captured, preserved, and displayed. The level of image quality is exceptional, allowing you to fully appreciate subtle anatomical details.
Compact ultrasound

Compact ultrasound designed for any environment

The CX50 system features a high resolution monitor for enhanced viewing in difficult portable environments, and fast system start-up allows you to quickly begin your studies. Wireless and wired DICOM allow flexibility when connecting to your PACS You can also export your data by DVD and USB media with integrated DICOM viewer.
On cart

On cart

The CX50 cart allows easy mobility and effortless maneuverability throughout the hospital. The system and cart are combined ergonomically into one unit that is slim, lightweight and height adjustable. It can be swiveled an locked so you are set up quickly everywhere you need premium ultrasound performance. It’s the solution for your patient exams in confined areas such as the ER, CCU, NICU, OR and bedside.
SonoCT brings a new level

SonoCT brings a new level of quality to compact ultrasound

System-guided protocols help facilitate capturing the required views for your studies. SmartExam protocols have been clinically proven to reduce exam time by up to 50% by reducing keystrokes and alerting you if views have been missed.
Reduce exam time

Reduce exam time by up to 50%

SmartExam protocols are easy-to-use customizable guides that help you perform complete studies on every patient. The onscreen menu guides you through the required views for a specific exam type, automatically enters annotation, and builds your report. Save time, reduce repeated moves, and increases efficiency and consistency exams.
Remote travel

Remote travel

The CX50 system is the ideal solution for multiple site support. With its convenient travel case you can easily take the CX50 to distant clinical locations. Now clinical staff can support satellite offices, screening events, and mobile services with premium imaging.
XRES brings a new level of quality

XRES brings a new level of quality to compact ultrasound

Advanced XRES adaptive image processing reduces speckle, haze, and clutter, resulting in images virtually free from noise, with superb quality and edge definition. When SonoCT and XRES work in tandem, the subtlest of diagnostic features are enhanced, making it easy to achieve high clinical imaging in portable studies.
Refurbishment process

Refurbishment process provides like-new condition

Each Diamond Select system is factory refurbished and can be customer configured with the latest compatible software upgrades. To maintain the high standards set by Philips and meet your stringent performance requirements, all Diamond Select systems undergo a thorough refurbishment process.

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System dimensions
System dimensions
  • 41,3 cm
  • 7,6 cm
  • 35,6 cm
  • 6,17 kg
Control panel
Control panel
Monitor size
  • 39,1 cm
Height adjustment
  • 107,9-82,8 cm