V60 Plus Noninvasive ventilator

V60 Plus

Noninvasive ventilator


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Philips V60 Plus* ventilator leverages our gold standard noninvasive (NIV) capabilities by offering two therapy options in one device, integrating both NIV and high flow therapy (HFT). V60 Plus enhances workflow and patient care efficiency by enabling clinicians to easily, readily and rapidly adjust therapies around changing patient conditions without switching devices.

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  • * May not be available in all markets. Not available for sale in the USA.
  • ** May not be available in all markets.
  • *** The maximum deliverable flow rate varies based on nasal cannula orifice size and on patient nasal passage resistance.
  • † There are no monitored parameters available in HFT.
  • †† Only a flow waveform is available in HFT.
  • ††† There are no patient parameter alarms available in HFT.
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