Medical Tablet Easy, efficient access to the information you need

Medical Tablet

Easy, efficient access to the information you need

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You need to make efficient, informed decisions about patient care. The speed and ease with which you can view information from different sources can make a real difference. This is the vision behind the Philips Medical Tablet, a practical device that can connect over wired, wireless, clinical or non-clinical networks. You can access relevant patient information on the go. This product is distributed by Philips.

Flexible monitoring companion

A flexible companion screen for your IntelliVue monitor

Running IntelliVue XDS Software¹ allows the Medical Tablet to be used as an independent display for any IntelliVue monitor. This might be to display clinical decision support tools such as Advanced Event Surveillance, or to support specific information needs such as a 12-lead ECG layout or ST MAP without interrupting the overall view of vital signs displayed on the monitor. The Medical Tablet running XDS Software can also be used to complement a smaller or transport monitor such as an IntelliVue X3 or MX100 monitor in post-operative care or step-down units. The Medical Tablet can boost monitor visibility, display more of the measured parameters, or simplify operation with the larger screen.
Safe to use in isolation scenarios

Monitor your patients remotely by combining with IntelliVue XDS Software

The Medical Tablet is ideal for running Philips IntelliVue XDS Software¹ enabling portable and remote access to Philips IntelliVue monitors, especially useful in isolation scenarios like COVID-19 units. Efficiently access your monitors and patient information whether you are at or away from the bedside.
Robust design for modern healthcare environments

Designed to withstand frequent use in patient care areas

The Philips Medical Tablet is designed to withstand knocks and is resistant to water as well as cleaning and disinfection materials. As well, the Medical Tablet has been tested to meet standard safety requirements for use near patients.
Works easily with other hospital systems

Running widely-accepted operating system allows for flexibility

Because the tablet runs on the Windows 10 operating system, you can use it to create a flexible resource combining patient monitoring and your hospital’s third-party information, such as medical records, lab results, or PACS. Access can even be simplified, standardized and customized using XDS LaunchPad.


Operating time
  • 7-hour operating time (4 hours with XDS running continuously)
  • 28.44 W Li-ion; 8-hour operating time (depending on use); comes with a +19 V 60 W charger
Screen navigation
Screen navigation
  • Touchscreen
Networking capability
  • WLAN 802.11 a/b/n/g/ac; Bluetooth 4.1; NFC
Physical specifications
Physical specifications
Display type
  • Capacitive multi-touch panel
Display size
  • 25.65 cm (10.1 in) LCD
Display resolution
  • 1290 x 800
  • 4 GB RAM; 128 GB solid-state drive
  • 1 kg (2.2 lb), including battery
Operating system
  • Window 10 operating system
  • 2 MP front camera; 8 MP rear camera
Electrical/electromagnetic safety
  • Fulfills the electrical safety (IEC 60601-1-1) and EMC standards (IEC 60601-1-2)
Ingress protection
  • Dust-tight, and protected against splashing and water jets (IP65), and cleaning/disinfection agents
  • Rubber and plastic: withstands 1.2 m (4 foot) drop on concrete floor (MIL-STD-810G)
  • ¹ Licenses for IntelliVue XDS software should be ordered separately.
  • Not all products are available in all geographies, please check with your Philips representative for complete portfolio availability.