MR DynaCad Prostate*

Advanced prostate image analysis
Provides a powerful, easy-to-navigate, multi-vendor** MR image analysis application featuring custom hanging protocols with images synchronized for easy, multi-parametric review. DynaCAD features automatic segmentation of the prostate gland, providing an overall gland volume estimation.
magnetic resonance dynacad prostate
  • It also features single-click volume analysis, and lesion statistics, and histograms as well as color overlay based on diffusion ADC values.
  • Lesions are assessed using the PIRADS v2 scoring and incorporated into standardized reports. Lesions identified and marked on the system can be passed to a UroNav system for MR/Ultrasound fusion biopsy.
* Not available for sale in all countries. Please contact local Philips representative for details. This functionality is not available in IX Workstation configuration.
** Please contact local Philips representative for details on multivendor coverage.

DynaCAD is a registered trademark of Invivo Corporation.