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See how Philips can help you realize your full potential with general imaging ultrasound: Enhance diagnostic confidence in managing liver disease, create workflow efficiencies with automated quantification tools, expand access to care through remote collaboration capabilities and make the best use of resources through innovative partnership strategies.

Diagnostic confidence

Manage liver patients with confidence

Elevate confidence in liver diagnosis with the latest general imaging ultrasound advances from Philips.

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Diagnostic confidence

Quantifying liver fat with ultrasound

Current standards for diagnosing and measuring non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) – liver biopsy and MRI – are impractical for various reasons. The emerging technique of ultrasound attenuation imaging could be helpful in screening for NAFLD. A leading physician explains how.

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Linked strongly with obesity, it is estimated that
non-alcoholic fatty liver disease affects as many as one billion individuals worldwide. Learn more about liver fat quantification (LFQ) in this Philips white paper. 

Now that there is a quantitative way of measuring liver fat, it will make it a lot easier for us to let the referring physician determine where the patient is quantitatively on the NAFLD spectrum.”

Dr. Richard G. Barr, Southwoods Imaging,

Youngstown, Ohio USA

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Comprehensive liver management

Provide quality care with the ultimate ultrasound solution for liver assessment.

Trust Philips to be your ultrasound partner.

Trust Philips to be your ultrasound partner.


Easy workflow by design

Streamline workflow with end-to-end efficiency enhancers that help create better experiences for users and patients alike.

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Early detection and quantification of NAFLD is critical to patient workflow, as lifestyle modifications can potentially help to prevent and even reverse disease progression.

Noninvasive liver assessment made easy

Experience efficiency at every step during noninvasive liver assessment procedures, including liver fat quantification (LFQ), from data acquisition to report generation.

Elastography answers in less than a second

ElastPQ (pSWE) is as easy as one, two, three.

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Perform a right intercostal scan of the liver. Set the ROI between 1 and 2 cm below the liver capsule. Press ‘Update’.

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In less than a second, the measurement results are displayed on the image. It is that easy and fast.

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Multiple samples can be easily recorded and generated into a single report.

Access to Care

Shorten the distance to diagnosis with tele-ultrasound

Staff limitations can make it challenging to deliver the full value of ultrasound to all who could benefit. Help close the gaps with Philips tele-ultrasound remote diagnosis capabilities.

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Extend your team without expanding it

With Collaboration Live, physical distance is no longer an obstacle. Quickly and securely talk, text, screen-share and video stream directly from the ultrasound system to wherever you are.


*Contract required. Collaboration Live is intended for remote diagnostic use on EPIQ or Affiniti ultrasound release 9.0.

You can have better patient care with access to more radiologists who specialize in several different areas.”

Daisy Gonzalez BS, RDMS, RVT, RMSKS Ultrasound Lead Technologist, MMC Midstate Radiology

Associates, LLC Meriden, CT, USA

Did you know ?

The diagnostic medical sonography market is expected to grow by 14% between 2020 and 2030. That’s much faster than other jobs.*
*Bureau of Labor and Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Medical Sonographers and Cardiovascular Technologists and Technicians, at

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Remote diagnosis

Connect directly with staff during the ultrasound exam. Remote users have the flexibility to communicate from wherever they are, using Windows, iOS, Android or Chrome web browser.

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Remote clinical support

Get guidance on clinical applications from specialists who can walk you through procedures in real time.

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Remote training and education.

Experience learning at your convenience with eLearning through the Philips Online Learning Center.

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Remote technical support.

Elevate operational efficiency by allowing technicians to identify and solve maintenance issues.

Lifetime Value

Designed for life. Partnering for growth.

A stronger healthcare system requires bold new ways of working together. Trust Philips to help you achieve your goals for long-term growth by aligning people, processes and technology.

Strategic partnerships PDF

Spotlight on: strategic partnerships

Partners in success

Strengthening the capabilities of people, improving processes and making better use of technology are important ingredients for reaching strategic goals. Several Philips ultrasound customers provide their perspective on how these elements – and partnership – contribute to their success.

When it came to selecting Philips as a partner for ultrasound, I was taken by the high quality of the grayscale and the range of transducers. But their honesty and openness in terms of showing me what I can expect from ultrasound were very impressive, too.”

Professor Dirk-André Clevert, Head of Interdisciplinary Ultrasound Center,

Munich University Hospital, Munich, Germany

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Philips has a broad range of long-term strategic partnerships with healthcare organizations worldwide.

Position your organization for a better future

Partner for success with Philips through resource management programs.

Fleet management

Facilitate system availability, allow for fast response times and enhance total cost of ownership.

Training and education

Interactive e-training solutions provide hands-on
experience to allow you to quickly work with systems


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