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Philips SmartSpeed

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    Most MRI departments share three priorities: increasing productivity, patient satisfaction and referring physician satisfaction3. Speed that doesn't compromise on image quality can address these needs.

    This is what drove us to pioneer speed applications and until recently our state-of-the-art speed engine, Compressed SENSE. And now, we are building on our proven technology and enhancing it with AI.

    Philips SmartSpeed delivers fast high-quality imaging for a wider range of patients, including patients who are in pain, who struggle to hold their breath during the exam, or who have MR conditional implants.

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    Increase productivity with fast MRI

    Up to 3 times faster
    By scanning up to three times faster1 and helping to reduce the total exam time, Philips SmartSpeed can increase MRI department productivity and reduce the cost per exam.

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    Enhance diagnostic confidence

    Up to 65% higher resolution
    By providing higher resolution1, Philips SmartSpeed delivers outstanding image quality so that radiologists can feel confident when providing information to the referring physician.

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    Increase patient accessibility

    97% compatibility
    Since Philips SmartSpeed is designed for a broad range of patients with 97% applicability of all sequences2, it can be used to address the imaging needs of the vast majority of patients.

    What makes Philips SmartSpeed so fast and effective?

    Philips SmartSpeed is built on two key technologies:

    Engine tools

    Compressed SENSE: Our state-of-the-art speed engine that uses a unique, full balanced k-space sampling approach to maximize speed while preserving details. The result? No compromise on image quality.

    Compressed SENSE: Our state-of-the-art speed engine that uses a unique, full balanced k-space sampling approach to maximize speed without compromise.

    AI reconstruction

    Adaptive-CS-Net: An award-winning AI reconstruction4 that has been trained with Compressed SENSE data as input, and which is applied at the source of the MR signal to ensure maximum data and image fidelity.

    Adaptive-CS-Net: An award-winning AI reconstruction4 applied at the source of the MR signal to ensure maximum data and image fidelity.

    Together, these AI radiology technologies speed up scan time with no loss in image quality.

    Dr. Grischa Bratke
    The AI-based Philips SmartSpeed reconstruction is the new benchmark among acceleration techniques for us. It improves Compressed SENSE in all aspects and allows a reduction in scan times with unchanged excellent image quality and diagnostic confidence.’’

    Dr. Grischa Bratke

    University Medical Center Cologne, Germany

    Takashige Yoshida
    The excellent denoising capability in Philips SmartSpeed allows imaging with extremely high resolution without increasing the scan time. This is particularly important, for example, in depicting small lesions in the vascular system.’’

    Takashige Yoshida, Ph.D.,

    Tokyo Metropolitan Police Hospital, Japan

    How AI in radiology transforms clinical cases

    Professor of Radiology and Chair

    Ready to see how Philips SmartSpeed can help your MR department with superior fast MRI technology?

    Please fill in the form and we will contact you to provide a tailored artificial intelligence5 radiology solution for your department as soon as possible.

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    1. Compared to Philips SENSE
    2. On average, measured across a sample of sites from Philips MR installed base
    3. MI&A Insights Report MR. Q1. 2021
    4. Adaptive-C-SENSE-Net technology is the winner of the FastMRI Challenge hosted by Facebook AI Research and NYU Langone Health.
    5. According to the definition of AI from the EU High-Level Expert Group.

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