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Health systems and providers around the world are facing the same reality: how to provide high quality care on a reduced budget.


We’ve created our line of Efficia solutions specifically to give health providers access to high quality technologies and products, at an affordable cost.


Efficient, reliable and field-proven, Efficia products put the expertise of Philips technology and quality within reach. Together, we are committed to helping people everywhere get access to the care they need.


Read more below about the unique line of Efficia products, our approach to quality and design, and stories from satisfied customers.

efficia reliability video

When budget and quality matter

Contain your costs, not your capabilities. Efficia meets the unique cost and quality needs of your patients and your organization.

Rigorously tested to
stand up to the most
extreme environments

Designed, manufactured and delivered
knowing you count on quality and
tested for challenging environments.

Efficia DFM100 defibrillator /
Efficia CM series monitors

Affordability and quality
designed for you

Whether it’s designing a user interface that reduces the amount of staff training needed, or choosing materials that hold up over time and use, every decision we make is intended to better enable you to deliver exceptional care to your patients.

See how Efficia DFM100 and CM series came to life

Designing Efficia

Whats inside Efficia design ?

Designing accessible, affordable products without compromising on usability, functionality or form.

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