If you are a journalist or blogger and want to get in touch with Philips, please feel free to contact the person mentioned below.

For media inquiries regarding Philips health care:

Evelyn Malzani

Communication Manager, Philips Nordic

Tel: +46 73 809 31 11

Johanna Strunke

Marcom, Solution Marketing Management, Health Systems, Philips Nordic

Tel: +46 730 84 32 83

For inquiries regarding Philips consumer products and product tests:

Per-Åke Broman
Marketing Director

Borislav Stoyanov

Kitchen Appliances

Elena Abitov

Oral Healthcare

Erica Eliasson

One Blade & Male Grooming

Johan Lindwall

Floor Care and Air Care

Josefin Janér

Garment Care and Food Preparation

Nicke Ersson

Oral Healthcare, Philips Nordic

Marina den Hengst

Male Grooming

Nina von Gegerfelt

Beauty and Healthy Sleep Solutions

Sandra Thorn

Garment Care

For media inquiries for Philips TV and Philips audio products:

Joella Skoogh

Marketing Communications Manager

Tel: +46 70 832 22 65

For media inquiries for Philips Signify (previously Philips Lighting) – professional lighting solutions and consumer lighting.

Anne-Cathrine Tjørnehøj

Marcom Manager

Tel: +45 403 308 06



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