Amara View

Minimal contact full face mask

High marks for performance, no marks on the bridge of your nose.

New patients prefer Amara View nearly 4 to 1 over Quattro, based on the degree of confinement they feel wearing the masks.*

29% higher in comfort**

29% higher in seal**

20% higher in stability**

25% higher with overall fit**

37% higher in overall appeal**

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*Philips-Respironics sponsored testing at seven contracted clinical sites for a 2 week X 2 week randomized crossover studywith 64 patients new to CPAP. Each patient tried Amara View and either Quattro or AirFit F10. Mask order between the two maskwas randomized. Mask comparison responses were collected after the second interval crossover. Statistical significance at 95% confidence, +/- 5% using a one-sample Bionomial Test comparing the observed proportion to a 50/50 split. Average comparisons using a 0 to 10 rating score; Among participants expressing a preference of one mask over another; Quattro, p-value = .004

**Philips-Respironics sponsored testing at two contracted clinical sites. Ninety-five compliant Quattro patients rated Quattro and then Amara View after approximately 30 days. Statistical significance at 95% confidence, +/- 5% using paired t-test comparing averages of 0 to 10 rating scores; p-value < .001